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Breaking Stasis

Therapy, Crisis Management, and Consulting

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Breaking Stasis

The act of freeing oneself from a sense of stagnation. Ending the feeling of being stuck in eternal loops of ineffective thought, emotional and behavioral patterns.


Drew Pease
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I help individuals, families and couples find fulfillment, and break out of ineffective patterns. Focusing on the use of their individual strengths best supports their efforts to overcome personal and systemic barriers to creating their desired life. At times our relationships may feel more burdensome than joyful. Experiences from the past may seem too much to bare. Know that there is hope. There is a way out. The ability to find it lies within you!

My Specializations

Se Habla Español

As a Family Therapist I apply a systems perspective in most areas of therapy. I believe that involving members of a person's natural support system, as appropriate, will allow for the most change to occur in the identified area of need.

Family Therapy

Couples Counseling

Men's Mental Health

Trauma Therapy

Juvenile Sexual Maladaptive Behaviors

First Responders & Military

Organizational Consulting

Contact us for more information about our Consultation services for your organization or personal business.

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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