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About Me

Foremost, thank you for visiting our website! Starting this practice has certainly been a journey for the ages, and we definitely look forward to partnering with you as your journey toward the life you desire progresses!

I am a husband and father to five young men who definitely keep me on my toes. I have definitely not been perfect in either of those roles, but fortunately, perfection has never been the goal. I just try to do a little better each day. A clinician I look up to put it this way, "Just try to suck a little less each day!" That has been my goal ever since.

I have been a licensed Therapist in the state of Arizona since the beginning of 2014. I have had the pleasure of working with families and individuals of all walks of life, for just about every conceivable reason: from youth with issues related to sexual misbehavior, couples struggling with communication, families needing to process a difficult loss, youth who were victims of sex trafficking, a variety of traumas, general mental health needs, behavioral needs, supporting individual and family needs of military and first responder families, and everything in between.

My personal philosophy has grown over the years and is now reflected in my personal mission statement which guides everything I do in life, including how I operate as a Therapist. In part, my mission is to serve others by helping them define what success is, and utilize the strengths within themselves to obtain that success, regardless of current personal circumstances.

I do not take for granted that families and individuals have allowed me to witness their most vulnerable times as well as their strengths as they have worked their way out of the trials they found themselves in. That journey is truly one of the most rewarding experiences a Therapist can have!

I look forward to getting to know you, and to walking beside you on your journey!

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Our Mission

     I formed Breaking Stasis primarily because of my personal belief that everyone possesses the ability to define what success looks like for themselves, and to achieve that success regardless of personal circumstances. I believe taking this perspective to the masses is what will ultimately help individuals and communities flourish.

     I know, life can be tough. Work, family, life stress, mental health, all of it, may at times push us into these ruts, routines and patterns that seem to be never ending, and which might make it difficult to realize that we are capable of making things better for ourselves. We refer to this state of being as "Stasis," or a sense of being stuck. We count it a privilege that you have chosen us to partner with, as you break free of those old patterns and create the life you desire.

Whatever the reason you are seeking therapy, be it a marriage check-in, couples struggling with communicating, working through past trauma, military and first responders needing help with PTSD or critical stress management, everything needed to address your needs are possessed within you.

A final note, at Breaking Stasis we ensure our philosophy is implemented at all levels of the organization to ensure that your experience from the first contact with us, through the referral process to therapy sessions and eventual ending of therapy, you feel that every step is directed toward assisting you with clearly highlighting your personal strengths and supporting you in using them to create the life you desire!

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